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The Vow-My Review

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Firstly, I want to start by saying how much potential I saw in this story, how great it could have been, how long it could have been written out, and how striking it could have meant to so many. But sadly, and regrettably, it didn’t even come close.

The film carried out as I see it by the following scenes: Love, Crash Accident, Hospital, Flash Backs, Lost Memory, Lost Love, Awkward Confusing Marriage Moments, Family, Change of Mind, Quick Moment of Love, Divorce, Separation, Family Secrets, Reason, Going Back, Remembering Love, Wanting Love, Going Back to Love, Starting Fresh – END

It was easily perceived, honestly you could see the moments coming and I was shocked it began with such passion and ended so short of its original gusto. The movie came from being a love drama, to a cutesy teen-oriented romance within a single setting. The reason she left, switched around to a different personality from her previous life, and married him were so shallow. Though tragic, surely it appears that more besides her Father cheating had to be the cause of it. It left you feeling breathless and disappointed, winded, like taking a punch to the gut.

The movie concept had so much potential, but the ending needed a little more thought and it was unfortunate not even a glimmer of her memory could surface to make the ending special.

Even though life isn’t a fairy tale, this one is in so many ways, and they ended up killing the magic after it started.

I regret the minutes that I wasted on this flick.

Non-TMNT News: $5 Turtle Ninja

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Salute your fearless leader! LOL

On a side update, Activision is supposedly prepping a new TMNT game; I wish I were a part of this TMNT franchising, so much fail happening and what a sorry looking TMNT-TV series Nick has brought to the table-I mourn for 2k3.

TMNT TV 2012: Michelangelo Action Figure/Toy Review

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…interesting. I’m not a fan of the wide cheek expressions, it’s more frog-like and very unturtle-like.

Well at least toy fans and kids will be… oh who am I kidding, my head hurts T_T.

TMNT 5: Director Announced

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Jonathan Liebesman, who directed Battle: Los Angeles (His upcoming film “Wrath of the Titans” is coming out March 30th 2012) will be directing the next upcoming TMNT film; currently he is under negotiations with Paramount.

Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form along with Platinum Dunes will be producing the film.

Okay, let me take a moment to think… wow, okay: I see effort.

They are actually taking this seriously, I mean forget the TV series, let’s focus on the future of the movie series; I hear it’s is supposed to be a really gritty-dark take on the series. I’m hoping for a PG-13 rating here; no turtle has said “damn” or “shit” or anything a New Yorker would be belching out into the swarm of a mob of ninja attackers for a loooong time.

Let’s see what they bring to the table, I’m really excited personally to hear so many professionals are involved in the production of this film.


TMNT TV 2012: Sad time for turtle fans…

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Fellow TMNT fans, kid to adult TMNT fans, view the following images for me please:

A little blast from the past here, nice to see. You see, the eighties turtles are nostalgic, they’re something to be remembered but not to be exploited- take a look at these and yes unfortunately they are very real-

Welcome to TMNT TV, 2012.

TMNT expressions are vaguely similar to that of FF (Fast Forward).


One word: Backwards.

We’ve stepped, backwards, with this. And why is Don missing a tooth?… do you guys think he’s, younger, than fifteen now?

I find this entire reboot for the TV series an insult to my intelligence, do they honestly think that this will pass off? The fans crave for sophistication, dark plot, depth in character and emotion, better storyline- what is this? They look like they are made of playdo, it’s a Sonic-TMNT crossover and it’s depressing; fans, what are we going to do to get this series back on track?

My Zelda Fan Art: Part 1

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I’d like to share some of my art with you guys, hope you enjoy it:

The Chosen One

Dark Link

Into The Woods

MGR: Revengeance

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HD Trailer-

So, out of the moth balls of theories and conjecture comes the real truth about Raiden’s, or otherwise known as “Jack the Ripper”, intriguing scape from MGS2’s drama… a monster is born:

I only wonder if he is more or less becoming an Anti-Hero for the series, more so than what Solid Snake was geared for, no pun intended.

My thoughts on this upcoming game… I doubt this will disappoint anyone interested or not, once you play the game, I think it’ll speak for itself.

The graphics, incredible, vibrant, brilliant, crisp- MGS4 inspired no less.

I am looking forward to seeing his departure, the continuance to where MGS2 left off with Raiden and his girl; we may even see his dark change when he forced himself to leave.

I also wonder, how he managed to become a cyborg; hopefully it wasn’t all that painful (highly doubt it was anything less than terrifying and painful of a process.).

I anticipate the release date to be announced possibly this E3, it may end up being a Christmas bonus to our collections or it may be an early 2013 anticipation.

What are your thoughts people? Please leave a comment and tell me what you think of Metal Gear Rising!


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